Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

pull up your pants

denis leary probably wasn't the first to notice that some kids could really stand to pull up their pants.  even for the baggy gangstas out there though, i think this is extreme.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


most train vendors tend to get people's sympathy.  walkin the trains is no joke and more than once i've seen someone flash that "this person's worse off than i am, i'll buy something" look across their face before reaching for some money.  though the vendors have a captive audience, they're still limited by what can be carried.  so you see lots of vendors with carts on the train.

the more you can carry, the more you can make in a day.  clearly, it's been true for this vendor, who has also had the foresight of a cooler, which can house hot and cold items, though not at the same time of course.  if you look closely, in his hands is a sony psp*.

that is true success.  this guy does so well, he can flaunt his success and eschew the sympathy customers.  i'm still not happy he's taking up at least two standing-room spaces, but luckily it's not crowded.

* -- at least i think that's what it is.  i don't know my portable consoles very well, so any of you that do can correct me if i'm wrong.

Friday, January 20, 2012

jobs with benefits

most of the conversations i hear about health care, retirement and all the other stuff you get from a job that isn't monetary, it's people sitting in a corporate meeting room trying to figure out which box to check during their new employee orientation.  every once in a while, if you're at the wrong barbecue, someone will bore someone else with the details of their situation and inevitably say something like, "do you get that?" to force others in the room to stay on topic.

and then, every once in a while, you get two people from different unions comparing notes.  you get the usual health, pension, vacation and sick day talk, but a departure from their corporate counterparts always ensues.

"yeah, they have guaranteed quarter raises, so you might start at eleven somthin, but not too long and you're up to fifteen, sixteen."

"oh yeah?" the bus driver, captive audience for dude in acid wash jeans and white sneakers, says obligatorily.

"yeah," says sneakers with enough excitement to make up for the bus driver.  "and once you get to that point, you usually have enough seniority that you won't get laid off."

i'm lucky.  my employer treats me well enough that i ain't gonna rabble-rouse for a union anytime soon.  but guaranteed raises?  layoff-proofing based on seniority?  sign me up!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

fem dom? just dom?

no one is complete without their accessories.  this young lady is no exception.

i know she's tryin to be all mainstream sexy and all, but by the look of those earrings, i'm guessing she's got some whips and chains in store for her friends.

for all you dexter fans, before i realized these were earrings, i thought they were the work of the doomsday killer.

Friday, January 13, 2012

not encouraging

it's not often i get two reasons to not feel so great about being on the train.  well, actually that happens quite often.  however, when both reasons come from "the man," then i take notice.

first, we have this sheriff's deputy.

i'm sure deputies drink coffee on the job all the time and there's really no practical harm being done here.  but i would think that for the sake of at least appearing professional, on-duty deputies could casually sip coffee in a less public place than the union fucking station fucking train platform.

well, no matter, let me just turn and wait for my train.  what's this?

it's really hard to read, even on the full-res version of the picture, but what that train says on its side is "department of transportation office of safety."  the optimist in me says, "oh, they're just here on a routine check-up."  somehow, i think that's a bit naive.

well, i haven't had any safety related issues since then, so let's just hope these are signs of public servants serving the public.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

wookin pa nub

i was wrong about the blue line as a good place to cruise dudes.  young lady on the left wasted no time introducing herself to young man on the right.  digits were exchanged and, unless reason prevailed, a child has been conceived.

if i'm really lucky, this couple will get in touch with me to do their wedding photos.  after all, none of them other photographers can claim to have seen the light when it glistened in their eyes for the first time.

also, i've yet to see a "where are they now?" about buckwheat.  and, no, i did not google such a thing before posting this, but if you do and find something, please post it in the comments.

in-n-out graduate

i was not aware that in-n-out (for those outside southern california, in-n-out is a burger chain) gave out varsity letter jackets.  maybe that's because i don't go to in-n-out anymore and when i did, i was waiting so intently on the food i was about to receive that i didn't look in the merchandise box.

hmmm...a little short in the torso and long in the arms.  perhaps he had a weird growth spurt since in-n-out high bestowed the rose upon him.