Friday, January 13, 2012

not encouraging

it's not often i get two reasons to not feel so great about being on the train.  well, actually that happens quite often.  however, when both reasons come from "the man," then i take notice.

first, we have this sheriff's deputy.

i'm sure deputies drink coffee on the job all the time and there's really no practical harm being done here.  but i would think that for the sake of at least appearing professional, on-duty deputies could casually sip coffee in a less public place than the union fucking station fucking train platform.

well, no matter, let me just turn and wait for my train.  what's this?

it's really hard to read, even on the full-res version of the picture, but what that train says on its side is "department of transportation office of safety."  the optimist in me says, "oh, they're just here on a routine check-up."  somehow, i think that's a bit naive.

well, i haven't had any safety related issues since then, so let's just hope these are signs of public servants serving the public.

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