Tuesday, June 21, 2011

taking one's temperature

now i'm no public health expert, but i do try to keep up on such things.  from what i understand all that noise about vaccinations being linked to autism was based on faulty science.  that's not to say there might not still be a link.  however, the link between low rates of vaccination and outbreaks of diseases we thought were licked is known and quite strong.  in other words, folks, i agree with the overall message of the entire campaign that includes this ad i saw on the train.

what i find hopelessly funny is that a public health ad would show the sick person taking their temperature with the thermometer in backwards.  "wow, honey, you've got a fever, but your temperature's also a perfect 72F room temperature.  this must be a new strain of flu.  why didn't we get the vaccination?!!  WHY?!!!"

funny onion

if i'm lucky, righthaven won't sue me for simply linking to someone else's content.  i think places like the onion actually look forward to that sort of thing.  in any case, if you need some laughs added to your mta day, follow the link and read:

typical city bus

Friday, June 17, 2011

etiquette pt 3

think of the most rotten person you know.  think of them getting on a train.  imagine they are behind a blind person.  would even this most rotten of people you know outwardly express their displeasure at having to wait an extra second or two to let the blind person get situated?  if not, you weren't thinking of the guy in the crooked sunglasses below.

a blind man got on before me.  he stepped into the train and asked, "is there anyone NOT handicapped who's sittin in a handicapped seat?"  a woman looks up, realizes the situation and offers her seat.  i figured it was only polite to let her by so she could have her pick of the remaining seats.  from behind me, the guy in the picture yells out "c'mon!  step up!" because, y'know, he's in a real hurry.  i'm sure his book is fascinating as fuck and his golden ass is the most deserving of a seat out of all the people on this packed train.  if only i knew someone as rotten as him to prepare me for these antics, i wouldn't have to write about it here.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

young jedi

unless there's some kind of event at the convention center, the red line tends not to be a hotbed of sci-fi activity.  perhaps some oddball finds it the realization of some dystopian vision, but even that's more fitting of the blue and green lines.  nonetheless, here is a young jedi in training.  it makes me wonder what kind of neck tats, hair tip color and earrings luke would have gotten if only leia wasn't his sister.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

picture pages

alright, train-riding cyclists, HEADS UP!  why do so many of you insist on standing with your bike RIGHT NEXT to the door (a la these two gentlemen; yes, i had the misfortune of seeing nuts through biker shorts).

i admit i made the same mistake once, but then i learned how to read.  that sign says "do not block."  and if you really can't be bothered to read, metro has added these really nice pictographs.

"how to get to where you should be" sign.  the "where you should be" sign looks the same, but has no arrow.

there's one set showing how to get to where you should be (conveniently located right above all the doors, where you shouldn't be) and another set to let you know where you should be (conveniently located where you should be).  help make us ambulatory train-riders' days and observe some common courtesy as you get to where you're going ten times faster than we are.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

where you goin?

someone doesn't want you going underground.  is that the mta trying to keep people out of hell?  or the bru trying to keep people off the trains?