Tuesday, June 21, 2011

taking one's temperature

now i'm no public health expert, but i do try to keep up on such things.  from what i understand all that noise about vaccinations being linked to autism was based on faulty science.  that's not to say there might not still be a link.  however, the link between low rates of vaccination and outbreaks of diseases we thought were licked is known and quite strong.  in other words, folks, i agree with the overall message of the entire campaign that includes this ad i saw on the train.

what i find hopelessly funny is that a public health ad would show the sick person taking their temperature with the thermometer in backwards.  "wow, honey, you've got a fever, but your temperature's also a perfect 72F room temperature.  this must be a new strain of flu.  why didn't we get the vaccination?!!  WHY?!!!"


  1. If the thermometer didn't have the bulb sticking out, it would look like cartoon tot was drunk and smoking cigs. But yeah for the ad campaign! It's all over and it's about time. But I wish they'd plaster these on fewer buses, and more upscale westside preschools and playgrounds.

  2. tick marks on the shaft would indicate that it's a thermometer and not a joint.

    it really would be nice for the campaign to target those who have been most affected by the anti-vaccine movement.

  3. I always had the impression that it was the westsiders who were not vaccinating en masse, for autism-related reasons, and then their kids spread it; while others don't vaccinate for financial or health-access reasons. http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-immunization29-2009mar29,0,3148179.story

  4. from what i've heard (and the article you reference seems to also suggest), the recent programs for free vaccinations results in it mostly being the autism-phobic that don't vaccinate. though, again, i am not a public health expert.