Friday, June 17, 2011

etiquette pt 3

think of the most rotten person you know.  think of them getting on a train.  imagine they are behind a blind person.  would even this most rotten of people you know outwardly express their displeasure at having to wait an extra second or two to let the blind person get situated?  if not, you weren't thinking of the guy in the crooked sunglasses below.

a blind man got on before me.  he stepped into the train and asked, "is there anyone NOT handicapped who's sittin in a handicapped seat?"  a woman looks up, realizes the situation and offers her seat.  i figured it was only polite to let her by so she could have her pick of the remaining seats.  from behind me, the guy in the picture yells out "c'mon!  step up!" because, y'know, he's in a real hurry.  i'm sure his book is fascinating as fuck and his golden ass is the most deserving of a seat out of all the people on this packed train.  if only i knew someone as rotten as him to prepare me for these antics, i wouldn't have to write about it here.

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