Tuesday, April 10, 2012

if i _____ like them, i think i'd get shot

the rap song that i pulled the title of this post from filled in the blank with "lied," talking about politicians right about the time madonna was pissing off the vatican with some cross-burning.  today, i fill it in with "parked" and present exhibits a and b below.  exhibit a is big ole semi in the middle of downtown straddling a lane line.  that bus off to the right usually pulls up right up against the curb so the door is right about where that street sign post is.  today, the crosswalk that the bus is in is just gonna have to tolerate the nose of said bus sniffin its people.  thank you, truck driver.  you do the teamsters proud.

in a more residential setting, we have exhibit b.  things being residential and all, there's a lot less impact on traffic.  however, you'll just have to take my word for the fact that the owner of this vehicle lives (i presume with many others) in a house with a three-car garage with an accompanying three-car-wide driveway for which this spot merely serves as overflow.

indeed, that is a metro stop sign just behind the car.  indeed the car is sticking out into the street and indeed, the bus doesn't have a good space in which to pull over and pick-up/drop-off passengers safely from/to.  but, really, why should anyone ever disagree with the owner of a bmw 7-series?  that'd be like calling out the rich to pay more taxes.

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