Friday, May 4, 2012

candy(land) bike

it's raining out.  i hear a swishing coming down the platform.  probably just somebody with squishy, waterlogged shoe soles strolling down.  as it turns out, it's actually the sound of the bike below.

those beads around the spokes are free to slide up and down.  as you can see, the ones in the top half have slid to the center and the ones on the bottom half are hugging the rim.  there's some sound during the actual sliding back and forth, but mostly, it's when they hit the rim or the center that there's sound.  but, as you look at the picture, the sound isn't the most interesting thing about this bike, is it?

customized rear splash guard, itself housing more reflectors than most bikes have in total, all arranged in primary and secondary colors.  the beads themselves following the same color scheme.  side-view mirrors.  mounted lamp.  saddlebags (hard to see, but trust me, they're there).  it all speaks for itself.  this is clearly the bike of a young person, most likely a girl, probably one just discovering the wonders of her mom's friendship pins.

wrongo!  it's just a dude going to work.

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