Saturday, August 18, 2012

up in smoke

i'm breaking my post-twice-a-week schedule to bring you a very special house.  this house was featured in the movie up in smoke as strawberry's house.  it also featured in this blog, with me lamenting the condition of its exterior cleanliness.  well, now it's for sale.

(Photos taken from agent's Redfin listing)
i'd really hate for this house to go to owners who will treat the entire yard as a garbage dump/horde, so i'm hoping someone who reads this will be able to point someone who respects the unique history of this house to buy it.  given what i saw of the exterior, i'm pretty amazed at the condition of the interior.  a lot of original features are intact, including lots of unpainted woodwork, pocket doors, a fireplace mantle, wainscoting and, of course, the turrets.

so, if you love this house or "up in smoke" as much as i do, tell any househunting friends of your's in los angeles to have a look.

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