Friday, October 15, 2010

nothin but money

ok, so i drive some days and this is supposed to be about the mta, so this post is off-topic.  i hope you all can forgive.  while driving, i saw this seemingly unremarkable car.

sure, it's got a nice back bumper, looks like it may even be a custom job and the body of this little bug is in awfully nice shape given how old it must be by now.  so, what's noteworthy?

why, the license plate of course.  nothing makes my day quite like a self-deprecating vanity plate.  though, who knows, perhaps the owner of this vehicle is not being self-deprecating at all.  either way, he or she is definitely making us all take notice and think.

though i don't have a picture, perhaps the only better vanity plate i've ever seen was on a beat-up old yugo.  it read "SRBLIMO."

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