Tuesday, October 12, 2010

paper clothes

i apologize in advance for not including a picture for this post.  rest assured, it is to protect the innocent.  well, okay, they're mostly guilty, or at least deemed so by our court system.  you see, when people are released from twin towers downtown, they're not given much.  i'm not really clear on all the details, but i can say with certainty that many of them seem to have little more than some paper clothes, paper booties and an mta token.  they're always a colorful bunch (unlike their black and white striped predecessors, orange being the most common color), so excited to be out they don't care if they're scaring people with their extroverted advances (and facial tatoos) on an otherwise private and uneventful subway ride.  the way i see it, most people need to have a little life injected into their day and why not by an ex-con?

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