Saturday, November 20, 2010


one thing i definitely see more of on public transit than the other parts of my life are elaborate manicures.  do the (mostly) ladies sporting these fine gems have an iphone?  hmm-mmm.  clicking on them touchscreens with nails don't register, you feel me?  only smartphones with physical buttons for these fine folks.  i was hopin to get a picture of one set i saw the other day.  while i'm sure there would have been no objection, i only noticed the manicure as this woman was getting off the bus and i didn't want to make her late.  so, here's a series of pictures to help give a visual.  the base color was something like this:
i think it's called "magenta foil."  the length of these nails is best illustrated by this next picture.

and while the nails i saw didn't have lace, there were jewels -- no color, longer and thinner than the ones shown here and arranged in (if memory serves correct) a six pointed star.

i have no idea if the ladies (again, mostly ladies) who do this are tryin to make a stranger's day, but sometimes, they do.

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