Tuesday, November 30, 2010

walk buttons

when you take public transportation, you tend to walk (or bike or skateboard or otherwise self-propel) more than when you drive.  after all, buses and trains won't take you right to your door, so you have to get yourself there from the stop.  sometimes, you even have to cross streets, which forces you to encounter something like this.

you also get to see lots of other people encountering such things.  in the past several years, i've noticed a huge increase in number of people who love to mash the buttons repeatedly until the sign changes.  perhaps it makes them feel better, but i'm fairly certain we have yet to deploy urgency-aware walk buttons widely anywhere in the world.  but, then again, i don't believe psychics either.  in any case, here's a walk button for all those button-mashers out there.

top picture taken from flickr user PappyV
bottom picture taken from flickr user ...every.seven...

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