Sunday, December 5, 2010

fringe benefits

mention elevated trains to people in l.a. and you get the usual "eyesore" response.  i've always thought, "the trains in chicago look pretty damn cool," but never said anything in response because, well, i like to avoid confrontation most of the time.  harry dean stanton's character in repo man would hate me.  i think elevated trains have all sorts of other cool benefits.  they don't interfere with traffic, they don't endanger drivers or pedestrians and, as a train rider, i want the people stuck in their cars during heavy traffic to see what they're missing.  as i was strolling back to work from lunch the other day, i chalked up yet another advantage of elevated trains.

as you walk down the sidewalk on this side of the street, you get the wonderful comfort of shade.  notice that if you were to walk down the sidewalk on the other side of the street, the sun would be beating down on you like you're in the sahara.  the trees aren't even placed to provide the sidewalk any shade.  nope, there's only skinny light poles.  lucky me, i chose wisely.

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