Sunday, July 3, 2011


what do you think of when you hear "portable music blasting in public?"  if you were alive to see the first spike lee joints, you probably think of something like this:

portable music then (from

such public displays of music are still so feared that even new signs that warn of fines explicitly depict them.

well, since then, "portable" has come to mean something else.  but it can't stop (indeed won't stop) some from sharing their tunes in public.

the man in yellow above was helpin us all out with a little lesson in hip-hop.  wasn't quite as much bass as in spike lee's early days.  wasn't quite as much in the mid-range either.  but i sure did enjoy the cymbal ridin.

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  1. hell yeah, i dig public music in public trans. this happens all the time on mexico city metro, and not just from those folks vending cd's from their bespeakered mochilas. that one guy blasting "reign in blood" at the viveros stop was my hero for the whole day. he played the whole cd. and he was in sun glasses, higher than a kite. i owe that guy. uncomfortable silence be damned! next time, i'll pour out some of my thai iced tea for radio raheem. rip. btw if you ain't got the bass, don't even.