Tuesday, July 12, 2011

blind blue-line beggar

regular blue-line riders know from the title alone who i'm talking about.  for the rest of you, yes, it's true that there are lots of beggars on the blue-line, particularly during evening prime-time.  there really aren't that many blind people though (i know, i just wrote about one, but believe me, it's pretty rare).  even if that weren't the case, this particular blind beggar on the blue-line is noteworthy.  for starters, he's shameless and loud during his announcement.  it doesn't come across as annoying like other shameless, loud activities though because he keeps it pretty brief.  also, the announcement is bilingual.  so, if anyone is trying to learn english or spanish, they get their own personal rosetta stone.  but most noteworthy is that this man will take out his fake eyeballs to prove that he's blind.  usually, he'll say something like, "folks, i'm really blind.  i'm not faking it," then pop out an ojo de plastico and continue, "there are plastic and i really need help.  today is twofer tuesday at popeye's."

i write just to let all his friends know that he is still alive.  he's a bit skinnier than the last time i saw him and he has quite a bit more white hair.  however, his clothes did look cleaner than usual and while he still didn't smell great, it wasn't as bad as in the past.

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