Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"medical billing" used with "hero" non-ironically

i'm not sure where else this ad runs, but i saw it on the train first and haven't seen it since.

doctors are held up as heroes every once in awhile.  usually, though, they have to give way to some military man of action, captain kirk, a frog* or, in very rare instances, an investment banker**.  never in my entire life have i heard someone, real or fictional, say, "that guy in billing saved my life."

who knows?  maybe medical billers and coders really are heroes.  but wouldn't that be kind of sad?  that we find those brave enough to navigate the bureaucracy heroic?  welcome to terry gilliam's brazil.

* -- new muppet movie is coming out soon and i doubt bunsen honeydew will get the hero's role.
** -- harold always seems to be bailing kumar out, though it's more of a team effort in a very harold and kumar christmas.

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