Monday, November 21, 2011

nerd love, i think

just read the book "american nerd" not that long ago.   though i'd recommend it, i was kinda hoping to read more of myself in the book.  one question it's raised that i haven't been able to nail down is "what is a nerd?"  it's sorta like supreme court justice potter stewart's take on hard-core pornography: maybe it can't be defined, but you "know it when you see it."  well, upon seeing the pair below, i knew it.  i have no idea if any love at all is involved here, but these two are definitely very good friends and they're having a way better time on the bus than your average rider.

another item of interest from the book "american nerd" is that being a nerd isn't the stigma it used to be.  hopefully, that's a sign of broadening tolerance and increased curiosity about the things nerds are interested in.  regardless, these two never hide, having animated conversations about anime and, yes, even watching it on their bus ride.

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