Friday, February 17, 2012

group safety

metro has long had a series of signs that say "see something, say something."  taken literally, this would flood the train with inanity, much like edith massey with john waters.  luckily, all the placards clarify this point.  if you see suspicious activity or a suspicious package, tell metro.  or, put another way, big brother wants ordinary citizens to do the spying because they're too busy sipping lattes.

so, what to do with this guy?

that's a bag of holding (follow link to see specifications).  who knows what could be in there?  there could be a bomb.  or a missile even.  or (gasp!) the lady on the right's missing curlers. and no one would be the wiser.  but, i have to adhere to the safety campaign's rules.  i don't see nothin, so i ain't gon' say nothin.

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