Wednesday, January 5, 2011

mta regional connector

i'm not generally one to echo the mta's claims of its own greatness.  far from it.  while i understand that there are many stakeholders on anything the mta touches and serving the diverse needs of sprawling los angeles is a huge challenge, you can almost always be assured that where there are so many dollars involved, corruption will follow.  i have no specific actions to condemn, but when you see just how tight a hold construction projects have on the city, well, even the victories can be a little sour.

nonetheless, i think the regional connector is a long overdue project.  it's always seemed crazy that a place called "union station" requires 2 train transfers to get to lax and being one gold line stop away from there requires 3.  the regional connector would bring some sanity, reducing the transfer count of both trips to just 1.  today, the project got some good news.  a lot of folks are gonna get jobs building the thing and when they're done, the rest of us get convenience to our travel.

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