Thursday, January 13, 2011

parking ga RAGE!!!

found my driver-side wiper blade stabbed through this note the other day.  maybe i parked too close.  maybe i was presumptuous when i left equal room on both sides of my car and figured when i got out easily, the car next to me wouldn't have any problems.  maybe i was wrong when i thought that the person who left the note was out of line for being way closer to the 2" strip of paint separating the parking spaces (maybe it's all the parking garage's fault for using mere 2" strips of paint as separators).  maybe thinking the other person's car being parked on the end so that, if need be, the passenger door could be used presumed too much about how easy it is to climb from passenger seat to driver seat.  maybe pushing my side-view mirrors up so that when i went to merge onto the freeway i saw the sky instead of the lane next to me was meant to make me appreciate nature.

maybe next time, i'll just take the train.

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