Wednesday, January 26, 2011

surf's up

no, the subway to the sea isn't complete yet.  as much as i'd like to see it, the city is only going to go as far as culver city for now.  hopefully, the plan to extend it all the way to the sea works out.  traffic from downtown to the westside is pretty heavy; and though my suspicion is no traffic will be alleviated, at least a few sensible people will have an option to not pile on to the problem and make it worse.

the surfing i'm talking about is right in the l.a. river.  when it rains hard enough, you can see something like this from the gold line.

that's the broadway bridge's support turning back the water flowing downstream (up and to the right in the picture).  if you're truly a die-hard surfer, come try this one on for size.  instead of moving with the water, you'll be staying still as the water moves under you.

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