Friday, March 11, 2011


people make a big deal out of how rowdy kids are these days, especially in public places like transit.  i've had my fair share of run-ins.  the worst instance was a few kids throwin' sunflower seed shells and routinely missing each other.

but i think it's unfair to call out this behavior without making note of an equally rude class of people: the suited.  they ignore "excuse me," leave their briefcases seated without even the thought that they should offer it (the seat, not the briefcase) to people who are standing and violate client/attorney privilege by talking very loudly on their cell phones.  if they didn't manage to get their briefcase seated, they'll, of course, have to rifle through a bunch of papers during this privilege-violating phone call.  they'll sit for their entire journey, then rise one stop before exiting.  this allows them to give the impression they're getting off, the result being the polite folks by the door (who have usually been standing for quite some time) step aside for them.  now, they can be the first out of the gate at their stop.

perhaps these are smaller infractions than being hit by a sunflower seed shell, but at least that one goes acknowledged (the kids apologized) and doesn't happen daily (only once so far in my decade of mta patronage).  maybe this doesn't get called out because people secretely want to wear a suit to work everyday.  luckily, i'm safe from such a malady.

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