Friday, March 25, 2011

get off the bus!

wow!  look at this ad that was attached to my fence a week or two back.

i know it's cut off here, but that says "$3* a day" for a sentra.  how could i resist?  i'm marching over to the dealership as instructed right now!  to buy a car.  well, no, to lease a car, but it's as good as mine.  right?

but, wait, "3*" isn't a number, is it?  i wonder what that "*" means?  oh, there's the fine print right there, right above the sentra and the american flag that makes me feel so patriotic about buying -- i mean leasing -- a japanese car.  let's see, "36 month lease + tax/fees."  no big deal.  "$4999 due at signing."  wtf!  "$0.15 per excess miles, 12,000 miles per year."  huh?!  cost of maintenance i guess.

okay, time to bust out the calculator.  so, $4999 + 36 * $99 ($8563) gets me the car for 3 years.  hmmm, that comes to $7.82 a day or at least $0.24/mile (that $0.15 overage doesn't sound so bad now, does it?).  a day pass only costs $6.  and i get unlimited miles.  hmmm...decisions, decisions.

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