Saturday, March 5, 2011


i'm not usually a fan of people eating on the train.  there's a $250 fine for a reason.  chances are eating will lead to a big mess, which will lead to a much less pleasant ride for everyone else, possibly injurious.  nevermind that i rarely find what people eat on the train appetizing.  i know that bucket of church's chicken smells good and maybe even tastes great on its way in, but i also know how runny it gets on its way out, 'specially if helped along with some wings and jalapeno cheese bombers*.  but check out this guy.

that's right, trader joe's broccoli florets.  can't say i see that one everyday and i bet he's regular as old faithful.  if anyone reading thinks they can identify which mta train stops between which this picture was taken, test your skills and comment below.  1 point for getting the right line, 2 points for each stop you get right.

* -- being vegan, i would not actually eat any of these things.  having not always been vegan, i can still bear witness that runniness happens.

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