Thursday, August 18, 2011


i hear a death metal voice say "MAIL!"  it's someone's phone.  a few moments later, "hey, baby, how are--" this man says before being cut off by his fellow conversant.

"well, no, i --" makes me wonder how the real life conversations go.

"i'm going to court."  i'm imagining his "baby" does meth on a regular and often only lets the need to breathe interrupt the word flow, but i've been terribly wrong about such things before.

"feasib-- well-- feasibly they'll release me from my commitm--" this side of the stilted conversation continues.

in as upbeat a tone as i've heard from this guy, "i could go with you today."  if "released from his commitment," i suppose he'll need someplace to go.

"that'd be great, wouldn-- ok-- ok-- don't forget my headphones."

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