Monday, August 8, 2011

streets of laredo

al (probably not his real name).  sort of a barney rubble type.
ed (also not likely his real name).  imagine the lazy drawl of tommy chong mixed with the intensity of danny trejo.

al: this train's goin to union station.

ed: union station, more like the streets of laredo.  we were drinkin our coffee there, man, we weren't doin nuthin and they still come and mess with us.  we weren't doin nuthin, man.

al: when we get off, i gotta go.

ed: i know whachoo mean, man.  sometimes you gotta go so bad, it'll make you wanna jump off the aleutian islands.  once i had to go so bad at the santa anita track, i just found a garbage can.  some guy started starin.  i said, "why don't you just join me, you sunuva bitch!"  man, when you're walkin down the street and you got no money, just stick out your thumb.  you never know what'll happen.

slight lull in conversation.

al: trash can's full.

ed: man, she found thirty grand in a trash bag once.  can you believe that?  in a trash bag, man.

al and ed get off the train, taking their sun-baked skin and wifebeaters with them.

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