Saturday, August 13, 2011

shiny whites

i wasn't there to hear how this conversation got started, but the fella whose shoes so shiny in the picture below was talkin to a lady with fingernails so long, they were curling back.  sounds a little scary when i put it that way, but, my, my, were they prettily groomed.

i'm guessin the conversation started somethin like, "got yourself some new shoes, huh?" the lady sayin to the fella.

the part i actually did get to hear started with the fella sayin, "oh no.  you gots to take care o wha cha got.  things'll last a long time.  my routine, every night i do this.  i take my shoes off, clean em, wipe em down with that oil, put em away and set out my next day's shoes."

"no wonder they look like new."

"yeah, that's right.  gotta make sure to clean em every night.  these shoes, they two months old, but they look like i just got em yesterday, don't they?"


i know i don't like to wear white shoes because they get dirty so easily.  but if i were as diligent as this man, maybe that would all change.  gotta hurry.  it's almost labor day.

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