Monday, December 12, 2011


train comes to a stop.  don't start again.  conductor's on the platform talkin on the phone.  not good.

gaggle of fare inspectors and sheriff's deputies amble down the platform.  two lafd ambulances roll by.  they stop at the station entrance.  not getting better.

"i need everybody to get off the train," comes the unhurried announcement a couple minutes later.  three traincar-loads of cummuters follow orders.

the gaggle regathers in a close pack.  a stretcher rolls by.  girl on the stretcher is shielding her eyes from the sun and looking around, not the least bit dazed.  she's up on one elbow.

conductor starts the empty train up.  everyone watches it roll away, still empty.  maybe some kind of haz mat inspection is on tap.

another train rolls up.  i'm pleasantly surprised metro and lafd got me to work only 20 minutes late.

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