Monday, December 26, 2011

paris, venice on the blue line?

i only know either of the cities in the title from my trips to las vegas, which means i probably know nothing about them.  nonetheless, the following whisked me back to my visits to those casinos.

there are a lot of musical performances on the train.  you get beatboxing, singing and rapping.  those don't need no equipment.  you get some guitar.  those are easily had enough.  you even get a bucket and tambourine on occasion.

in my 12 years of ridin metro though i'd never seen and heard an accordion.  well, here it is.

i'd also never heard anything but urban and folk music out of these live performances.  well, this here dude is playing the sounds of gay pah-REE.  first up was a rendition of frankie's "my way."  after that, the spirit of the season came through with "here comes santa claus."  interestingly enough, he, his wife and kid looked like they may have been from the south of france.  maybe the music infected my vision.

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