Saturday, December 10, 2011

oops ... the wind blew it away

yall may have heard of some windstorms in l.a. a little while back.  all sorts of trees went down, power went out and rather than take the opportunity to appreciate just how complex and difficult providing electricity is, folks got all indignant about why they couldn't get it back sooner.  "lazy city agencies blah blah blah..."  i'm sure you know the routine.  anyhow, looks like someone not only got in an accident, but had their car part blown off the 105 onto this here bush.

or maybe not.  maybe someone got into the accident on the street and didn't feel like hauling it away.  or maybe the bumper was tied on with bungee cords in the first place and when it flew off the 105, it hit the concrete wall the ivy is growing on, which caused the dent and there was no accident at all.  or maybe god just put it there to test my faith.

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