Tuesday, September 6, 2011

alien invasion (or trash porn, pt 5)

i always knew the flats of lincoln heights housed some failed experiments of hill folk on mt washington.  i always knew their aspirations for leaving the mount were thwarted and they discarded all reminders of such things with the only people they felt safe with.  but i'm on to them now.  i know their plans for reaching another galaxy never materialized and they thought the flatlanders were too stupid to ever realize what they had their hands on.  but it's clear now.  just look.

the people on the hill may be in the background there in the upper right, but their discarded ship is not forgotten.  it's right in the lower left corner, stuck in a junkyard they didn't think anyone would see.  no wonder they opposed the gold line.  we blamed it on nimbyism then, but it's obvious now they just didn't want their space ship exposed for the world to see.  too late!

or it's just another piece of junked artwork.  alien conspiracy or junked art.  i'm not really sure which, but one of them made me take this picture and share it with you.

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