Friday, September 23, 2011

two wrongs make what?

sometimes you wanna sleep on the train.  sometimes you don't.  sometimes you can't.  a little 2" cube was playin some tunes louder than the pa.  i open my eyes, a little annoyed at first.  then i realize the mta ain't got no sleeper cars.

apparently, to change the song on this "music angel," you have to pick up the cube in which the speaker is embedded.  once miss angel does this, the traincarful of people take note.

"is that where that's comin from?"
"does that take a memory chip?  it take a memory chip, don't it?"
"you got a charger for that too?"
"it sound good, don't it?"
"thought it was comin from up there."
"how'd they get that thing so small?"
"what's that called?"

little does miss angel know, the dam has burst.  a long, loud discussion about music, sound systems and how old public enemy is ensues.  ok, it wasn't that loud, but these folks needed to be heard above the din of the tracks and the tracks comin out the cube.

miss angel's playin her tunes so she can hear em.  these fools weren't about to keep her from that.  on go the headphones.  which means the cube itself falls silent.   she even keeps them on when the conversation stops.   which means i can try sleepin again.  except the train's come to my stop.

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