Monday, September 19, 2011

coordinating accessorization

it was bound to happen. i don't notice any manicures for almost a year and--BAM--two in a week. already wrote about maryjanetalon. here's someone takin matching their accessories to a level i ain't never seen.

circle is not photoshopped (or, rather, gimped in my case). it's her compact with a mirror in the middle.
what's that they said in boomerang? "ya gots ta co-ord'in-ate. you don't stop with the mushroom shirt. you got to go don't stop with the mushroom belt. you gotta go on."

she got the orange and green manicure. but she didn't stop there. she went on. she got herself an orange and green scarf too. and i bet if it weren't so hot this particular day, she wouldn't'a stopped with the orange and green scarf. i bet she woulda had herself an orange and green sweater.  and if it were an occasion to really show off, she wouldn't'a stopped there.  she'd'a got herself an orange and green crown to top it all off.

what's that they say?  art imitates life or something?


  1. My cousin says that line from Boomerang all the time! We're showing our age. LOL!
    The lady in the pic is amazing.

  2. if i thought i could pull off the mushroom ensemble, i'd never show my age. i'd be young forever.