Friday, September 16, 2011


i kept meaning to do a follow-up to my first fashion post, but never really got around to it.  well, seeing the following on the train forced me to.

i couldn't easily get a picture of the other foot, but i noticed upon glancing back while getting off at my stop that it featured the same pedicure.  i'm pretty sure this lady couldn't fly.  but if she could, i'm sure these nails would have served the need for hunting small rodents better than, say, my toenails.  what's weird is i don't think these nails were even in the top three reasons she drew people's attention.

first, her bikini top (or strapless bra, i couldn't really tell) was covering up her topside more than her clothes.  second, she absolutely reeked of pot (i was informed later it was relatively high-grade, but i can't attest to that).  third, every 30 seconds or so, she just burst into laughter, the kind whose spasms send out guttural "g" sounds.

i know she probably made most people uncomfortable, but i have a hard time believing any of them enjoy themselves that much over the course of an entire week.  so, who's the big winner?

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