Tuesday, March 27, 2012

accidental prosyletization victim

yeah, i know, most victims of prosyletization are accidental.  "i was just out gardening when these people kept wanting to give me a magazine" is a common one.  another more train-worthy accidental victimization is the spontaneous preacher (i'll probably have more on that in a future post).

however, the particular victim above (in the handicapped seat) kinda, sorta asked for it.  he originally thought the lady on the right was asking for his seat and she may well have intended to, but his pre-emptive knee-jerk response was to complain about his bum leg.  my sense was people weren't buying his story and the fact that he pulled up his backpack and showed all his medications he's supposedly taking tells me he's done this before and gotten the same reaction.  little did dr feelgood realize he would get an earful of religion.  i didn't hear much, but she did start with telling dr feelgood how the "watchtower" he was reading was full of lies.  she proceeded to read from her own scripture, carefully hand-crafted in black marker.

not content to talk to just one person (prosyletisers never are), another accidental victim (already a victim of some limb-reducing ailment that left him wheelchair-bound) gets caught in the crosshairs below, after some other kind soul gives up his handicapped seat to bring mercy upon dr feelgood.

she seemed less enthusiastic about particular encounter.  maybe sitting takes you further away from god.

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