Friday, March 16, 2012

driving me crazy

i've mentioned before that i don't always take public transportation, just most days.  the reason is nothing does as good a job of bringing out my inner misanthrope as driving.  slow pedestrians crossing when the flashing hand has a number less than 3 next to it, the lead car in the left-turn bay looking at the green arrow like it's the guiding symbol of the new world mantra and, the most amusing, people who angrily pass you at high-speed in a one-lane so that they can hit their brakes even harder when they get to the red light all just kinda make me shake my head.

sure, people do dumb stuff on the train, but it's a rarity that anything they do will actually change up when you get to your destination.  when driving, it's relentless.  i know, chances are you won't be slowed down by more than a minute or two all told and you will arrive sooner than with the train in most instances, but it's always frustrating when you feel like you're giving 110% to make things work out right and everyone's workin against you.  so, if you like to slow to a crawl after you've cut someone off aggressively on the freeway, can't figure out alternation when merging, travel in the slow lane on the 110 north of downtown or don't check your blind spot when changing lanes, a thousand curses upon you.

you might be wondering, "la mta diary author, haven't you ever done any of those things while driving?"  to that i answer, yes, yes, a million times yes and that is precisely my point.  when you feel safe from the world, you're much more likely to be a dick than if somebody's watchin you or somebody fuck you up if the count be wrong.

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