Tuesday, March 6, 2012

transit oriented devolvopment

there's a lot that has been said of this building, "alta lofts."  its tragic fate at the hands of "livable places" may well have been a result of economic meltdown, though mismanagement can't be fully dismissed.  i never could figure out why they wanted to put a mothership of a penthouse on the thing.

alta lofts looking almost parthenonian
all that really matters is it's doing so poorly, they can't keep the nighttime up-lights on.  it's a shame.  it's close to the gold line (why i could get this terrible moving picture of it), affordable and near "revival," the best furniture store in town as far as my money's concerned.  nothing would make me happier than to see some genuine foot traffic around thrift store alley.  in addition to "revival," there's a goodwill and st. vincent's within a block.  when i visit these stores, however, alta lofts just feels like a fortress with private security guarding the gated garage and no pedestrian traffic in or out at all.

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