Tuesday, June 26, 2012

dark rites

continuing with the "weird, large object carried on train" motif, we have here what i can only guess is an art project.  from this distance, it looks like a paper mache ram's head.  usually, if i associate "ram" and "shaved head" and "train rider," the professional football team that used to be in l.a. comes to mind.  this experience shows i need to add "dark wizard, possibly egyptian (see pharoah goatee)" to the list.

in one of the more bizarre coincidences, just a couple of days later, another member of the army of darkness waits by this very same light pole.

wait, no, it's no coincidence!  this gold line platform is where the mayan spirits will rise on dec 12 and smote all us into ... wait for it ... (according to wikipedia) ... wait for it ... the next ... drum roll please ... b'ak'tun (to the best of my knowledge, that's sort of like y2k, but for mayans.  whooo hoooo!!  costume party in a very small coffin dressed as a god with a ram's head!)

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