Saturday, June 23, 2012

hot wheels double loop

this blog is probably too boring for all the extreme sports types out there.  but, when there's a spectacle as big as the hot wheels double loop being constructed just outside your bus's window, it seems both picture-worthy and post-worthy.  so here are the pictures i got from the bus (look closely for the hard water spots on the bus window).

though this was completely unintentional, the banner there at the bottom will give all you curious folks a place to go look up more information on this big, orange beast.  basically, it looks like hot wheels is taking one of their tracks that they make for toy cars and making a real one for the EXTREEEEEEEME drivers of the games.  it's funny what can happen when kids grow up and get SHITLOADS of money to spend on whatever they want.

i like this one because those things up on top of the crane are construction dudes with hard hats.  they look like ants up there, which gives you some idea just how big this thing is.  also, you can see that the loop over there on the left is being held up by a giganticer crane and isn't quite in place yet (no, the iphone camera doesn't suck that much at distance shots).  depending on which direction someone is trying to drive through the loop, that kink could either be just a slight jolt or the thing that really ruins your day.  this is actually evident in the first picture too, now that i look a little more closely.

while i'm sure the actual stunts that will be done on this contraption will actually be more impressive to the world than the construction and design of it, this is one more little reminder of how nerds bring the world to life.

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