Tuesday, June 19, 2012

hatching art egg

the artwork below wraps around a pillar.  i've never been able to make much sense of it, even after reading the artist's statement, but there's hand art all over that others are connoisseurs of and might be able to shed some light.

hand and balls/eggs
occasionally, i think the hand on the top is throwing these ball/egg things to the set of hands in the picture below.  but then the butterfly hands on the bottom just make me think of a curb your enthusiasm episode.

passing the baton eggs
and here is one final airborne ball/egg thing with what may be expectant hands.

more ball/eggs and hands on pillar
oh, look at that.  one of the ball/egg things is hatching.  i'm hoping a baby dino crawls out of this thing in the next year or so.

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