Tuesday, June 12, 2012

eyelashes and drugs

i often notice the beauty treatments of people who ride the train (see any of my nails posts for instance).  that's probably just because it's where i see the most strangers every day.  if i were a courier and walked into a bunch of different office buildings every day or a ticket-taker for the greek theater, maybe i'd notice the beauty treatments there too.  of course, sometimes beauty treatments just kinda jump out at you.

like these lashes.  they may not be the longest.  they may not be the thickest.  but it wouldn't surprise me if they were the heaviest.  this picture doesn't really do them justice, but tried as i might to get a better picture, i couldn't.

when googling for more profile lash shots to compare to (i thought the shape of the above a bit odd), i came across another bizarre twist of science.  one could argue the entire pharmaceutical industry is built on side-effects.  putting it that way's probably a bit of an insult to the r&d folks, but if any of them deny taking advantage of accidentally discovered side-effects, i simply refer to the most famous neurotoxin in vanity-driven los angeles, botox.  well, i don't want to be advertising, but let's just say there's a glaucoma medication that leads to longer, thicker lashes.  now if only we could be certain about what all the side-effects are, i might get on the drugs-for-beauty campaign.

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