Friday, September 21, 2012


i've never argued against being prepared.  that's how you avoid icy stares from your fellow rider when you board, know the fare and have it ready so we don't all have to wait for you.  and, for crying out loud, have some idea where you're going.  if you're a tourist who doesn't know the language or are stupefyingly inebriated, you have an excuse.  the rest of us shouldn't have to play 20 questions with the driver before we know whether we should be boarding or not.

that said, the person below and his batbelt full of gadgets is taking preparation a bit far, don't you think?

first of all, batman never took a bus, at least not while suited up for action.  second of all, what exactly is he prepared for?  i was tempted to create some sort of crisis just to find out.  "EVERYBODY FREEEEEZZE! THIS IS A ROBBERY!!!" except that everyone knows buses are only used for hostage situations, never armed robbery.  my guess is the crisis needed to fully exploit his preparedness would be a flat tire on a bike.

i just hope this isn't the response of home security employee after their car broke down.

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