Tuesday, September 18, 2012

blind yeller

i settle into my seat, journal open, pen in hand, ready to splash my insight of public transportation onto the page.  in the background, "have a great day!" arrives at my ears at the next stop.  sometimes riders know each other.  who am i to begrudge them their friendly farewells?

i continue trying to put brain to paper.  "have a lovely day, metro riders!" comes bellowing out at the next stop.  i hadn't heard such enthusiasm on the bus since an entire family found out their earned income credit check was finally coming through.  some riders mumble thanks as they step off.  i look up to see this.

at the next stop, he gets up.  before he gets off the bus, he turns and faces the riders for one final "everyone, have a great day!  don't forget to thank your driver."  he turns to the driver.  "you have a beautiful day.  thank you."  who's more sick, him for being a (literally) blind optimist or the rest of us for thinking "GODDAMN, that's too much sunshine.  now wonder you're blind!"

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