Tuesday, September 4, 2012

bob marley in the house (not literally of course)

sometimes it's hard to know if people go out of their way to become living stereotypes or if it just comes naturally.  i'm sure i'm guilty of living a cliche when looked through the right lens, but some people live their cliches when looked through just about every lens.

i invite you to take a look at the above picture and take a wild guess at what the dude smelled like.  at first, you might be tempted to say "urine" because he looks homeless, but it don't take but a day or two of being homeless to make one realize a paper bag is no way to carry one's possessions.  even at the height of summer, moisture forms overnight and damp paper gives way to ripped bag before the sun comes up.  also, the homeless tend not to wear such light-colored pants and when they do, they tend not to stay that clean.

well if your train detective and profiling skills haven't led you to a reasonable answer yet, it comes as no surprise to the rest of us that this guy smelled like reefer -- dread-locks, bob marley t and burnout blanket being pretty dead giveaways.  now i'm not gonna go around accusing anyone of anything.  who knows?  maybe he was just in the room and maybe he didn't inhale.  but that'd be an awful shame.

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