Friday, September 7, 2012


i wasn't quite sure what was going on here at first.  of course, it looks like an adult or large child is sucking on a lollipop, but only ravers do that in public and even then only when they're raving.  with no glowsticks to be seen, it looked like someone with childish tendencies.

upon closer inspection, however, i think that's some sort of quit-smoking device.  the thing inside the plastic tube looked a bit like a cigarette and i have heard that for some people, smoking is just a habit that can be replaced with other habits like sucking on a cigarette-looking thing encased in a plastic tube so it looks like a lollipop.

of course a more clever person would use the plastic tube as a mechanism for holding the smoke so they could go right on smoking in non-smoking settings, much like kumar's smokeless bong.  of course, there's always the problem of exhalation, though i guess nothing an even more clever person couldn't work around.


  1. Very clever on how people hide their E cigarettes.

  2. didn't even know that e-cigs existed. now that i've googled it, it seems a bit silly i was even speculating, as it's pretty clear that's what this is. even so, dude looks like a child.