Monday, October 17, 2011

doll scalper on the loose

"what've we got, dex?"

"doll scalp.  usually there's a head since the hair is actually sewn in, so that should narrow down the victim search.  pink tips on the hair are definitely not blood, so the scalper really knew what they were doing.  now that i look at it, so did the colorist.  do you know how hard it is to do this shade of pink?"

"where's the body?"

"there are no chips of plastic or ceramic nearby.  the actual removal was done elsewhere.  it's possible the scalp was dumped here."

"but isn't it, like, a trophy or something?  why would someone go to all this trouble of carefully removing the hair and just leave it here?"

"high-traffic area.  the perp could have dropped it while fighting foot traffic or was forced to dump it when authorities were hot on their tail.  or maybe it was given to an infant as a pacifier.  sometimes they throw things unexpectedly."

"alright, we'll check the security cameras and canvas the area.  someone had to see something."


"ahhhhhhhh, my precious.  reunited at last.  those police will never understand our relationship.  you must never go running off like that again."

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