Friday, October 28, 2011

real, live music

i don't usually take kindly to aural impositions on public transportation, in case you didn't already know.  bosses suck, kids drivin you crazy, salon done fucked up your hair uh-GAIN, don't know when your cousin's family is movin out.  sometimes it's kinda interesting, but it's usually the same old.

i don't usually give money to panhandlers either.  yeah, i'm sure your niece needs surgery, your mom needs cancer treatment, child support hasn't come through, (what in god's name is ebt anyway?), someone or another's funeral expenses are due and your church is trying to rebuild AND it all happened last week.

but this family here had me ready to pull out all my change.  at first, i was worried the tambourine would hurt my sensitive hearing and i've oft been disappointed by music played by people in wifebeaters, but once the song got underway, it was, as they say, awwwll goooouud.

they busted into a hyped-up, cracked-out version of "come together" (yes, acoustic but cracked-out).  while i'm not the biggest beatles fan, i will say this was my favorite rendition of the song.  and lest you think them boys is just playin percussion, they jumped in to add some backing vocals.

of course, the one time i wanna reach for some change, i'm like spearhead.  i got a hole in my pocket...dear liza.  if only i knew where they were performing next.

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