Wednesday, October 12, 2011

rising again

whistlin dixie doesn't make you a whole lotta friends while you ride on the blue line.  though a far cry from the gang battlegrounds from the 90s, the part of town the blue line goes through may now be even further than that from the waspiness of la confidential, barton fink or, ironically enough, chinatown.  i'm not sure if the previous owner of the blanket below found this out the hard way or if this possession just got left behind the usual way.  either way, this out of place article just needed to be recorded for posterity.


  1. Niiiice... I remember seeing both someone with a CSA Battle Flag t-shirt and some guy wearing a Union slouch hat on the same commute home. Sadly, they weren't on the same train because I'd have liked to have seen what happened.

  2. nothing like your own personal civil war re-enactment.