Friday, October 21, 2011

skaters, pt 2

here's the second installment of skater pictures (click on any to enlarge).

it's not unusual for the people i ask to photograph to be a little skeptical of my motivation.  this guy was one of them.  most people aren't asked by strangers to take their picture most days, so i understand.

this guy was not skeptical at all.  though he didn't mind having his picture taken, he did ask about this here blog, at which point, the big dude with the binder next to him asked about it to.

that style "A" is ingrained in my memory as the one that that baseball team uses on their uniforms.  i have no idea if they still do though i'm guessing even if they do, that's not why this guy has it on his board.

i actually talked to this guy (caesar or maybe cesar) for a bit.  he's a discretionary train rider.  though he has a car and has used it to commute to cal state long beach, the parking and traffic are too much for him to bear.

i gave salvador props in the last skaters post for customizing his board.  this guy is definitely giving him a run for his money.  this board has eight wheels mounted on four trucks.  when i asked him what was up with that, he said he can glide right over train tracks without even feeling it.  with eight wheels, there's always a pair in front and one in back making contact with the solid ground on either side of the track.

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