Wednesday, October 5, 2011

maintenance ... in real time

usually stepping on the train is a relief.  you on your way to where you goin and if it happens to be not-so-pleasant weatherwise, the train is climate controlled.  not so this day.  the car felt like a swamp, even coming from a somewhat swampy outside.  i guess it gives an appreciation for just how much work the air conditioning does to comfort a trainful of people.  luckily, at the next stop, this man boards.

no, not the guy in the shades, the one in the orange vest behind him.  i know you can't see his face, but after a couple of minutes of pokin his head around up there, while the train's movin and without a ladder mind you (kids, don't try this at home), the air starts to clear.  though we all owe him a huge thank you, all that's audible is some aunt goin on about her nieces' and nephews' (over)weight.

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